Aim and Scope of The Journal of Leadership Education

Journal of Leadership EducationJOLE is a leadership journal that engages scholars and practitioners who advance leadership education and development. Scholar-practitioners represent various fields to include Education, Training and Development, and Corporate Education. JOLE fosters dialogue across industries focused on the learning process and the practice of leadership education.

To provide an evidence-based environment for discussion and promotion of new and best practices, all JOLE manuscripts are grounded in Leadership Theory. Theory and research frame the learning and practice of leadership and the Journal of Leadership Education provides a platform for research and practice-oriented scholarship.

JOLE provides opportunities for evolving discourse, and engagement about the discipline of leadership education. The journal serves as a forum to share Leadership Education teaching and learning advancements, research innovations, and applications.

The Journal of Leadership Education is published in conjunction with the Association of Leadership Educators.

JOLE Special Issues

For the past number of years, JOLE has hosted “special issues” where all articles focus on a single relevant and significant topic, each edited in collaboration with a chosen guest editor.  While JOLE will continue to publish special issues within the field of leadership education, it has adopted a new system and format for future volumes. JOLE will no longer establish specific dates and editors for special issue publications, as it now operates on a rolling submissions process. Once a particular special issue has achieved enough accepted submissions to publish, JOLE will do so. The JOLE Editorial Board has identified four topics for future special issue volumes: Methodologies in Leadership Education Assessment, Leadership Learning Online, Social Networks in Leadership Development, and Coaching and Mentoring. More information concerning each special issue is below.

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts for any of these special issue topics effective immediately. Authors should submit manuscripts through FastTrack and include a note to the Editor indicating that the submission is for a particular JOLE special issue. JOLE no longer takes guest editor applications, as these manuscripts will undergo the standard JOLE review process.

When a full complement of accepted manuscripts on a particular special topic is achieved, they will be published collectively as a special issue. In the event that a sufficient number of manuscripts is not attained to compile as a special issue, accepted manuscripts will then be published in a regular JOLE issue. JOLE readers may suggest topics for future special issues. These, and any questions other questions about this process, should be directed to the JOLE Editor at