Dear JOLE Community,

We want you to know that while we are still accepting manuscripts, there is strong likelihood that reviews may be significantly delayed. We wish we could say how long, but we cannot. What we can say is that we have the best reviewers in the business, who are doing their best to continue to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning of leadership in this way. And our editorial staff is committed to doing OUR best to communicate with authors and reviewers about their manuscripts and upcoming issues.

These unparallel times bring with them significant uncertainty, anxiety, and unease. As the world continually works to navigate the effects of COVID-19, we at JOLE want to acknowledge that virtually all in our academic communities are experiencing new stresses and challenges from this illness, some to catastrophic degrees. There is little about this time that is “normal” and pretending as though business as usual is happening is unfair and unrealistic. However, our goal is to continue functioning as best we can while acknowledging these constraints.

If you are asked to review but cannot, please simply decline right away. Please know we are completely sympathetic to the very real challenges and priorities you are facing; do not feel any sense of pressure to review if you cannot. But declining right away will allow us to more quickly identify someone who can, and thus help us keep things moving as best we can.

In the meantime, we extend to you our warmest wishes for your health and well-being, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in this most vibrant of scholarly communities.

In gratitude,
Jackie Bruce, JOLE Editor