A Pilot Survey of a Self-Efficacy Tool for Career and Technical Education Administrators

Researchers have found many career and technical education administrators are not fully prepared for the unique challenges found in the administrative domain of career and technical education (CTE). Tools for identifying specific needs of CTE administrators are lacking, thus prompting the development of the CTE Administrator Self-Efficacy (CASES) survey instrument. The CASES survey instrument can identify professional development and instructional training necessary for enhancing the CTE administrator’s leadership and management abilities. CTE administrators will benefit from the CASES self-assessment by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. CASES will affect change within the field of CTE, as it will set the stage for training and professional development needed to assure the success of CTE administrators as sound leaders of their school communities. CASES is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License and can be accessed at the following URL: https://digitalcommons.murraystate.edu/faculty/22/