Transformational Leadership and its Relationship to Adult 4-H Volunteers’ Sense of Empowerment in Youth Development Settings

This study examined the relationship of adult 4-H volunteers’ perceived leadership styles of 4-H Youth Development Educators to the adult 4-H volunteer sense of empowerment. There were 498 Oregon adult 4-H volunteers randomly selected to participate. Participants rated the leadership style of their 4-H Youth Development Educator (YDE) using Bass and Avoilio’s (1990) Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and self assessed their sense of empowerment using Spreitzer’s (19915) Psychological Empowerment Instrument. In the structural model, transformational leadership style was shown to have a significant positive relationship (β= 0.031) to adult 4-H volunteer sense of empowerment. The 4-H YDEs who were rated as using transformational leadership were very likely to be empowering adult 4-H volunteers.