Leadership in Intergenerational Practice: In Search of the Elusive ā€œPā€ Factor ā€” Passion

Intergenerational programs and practices refer to a wide range of initiatives which aim to bring people of different generations together to interact, educate, support, and provide care for one another. Insofar as there is such rapid growth in intergenerational program activity taking place at the national and international levels, it is pertinent to wonder how we can cultivate innovative, effective leaders in a variety of professional roles and settings. This article explores various conceptions about how to prepare and inspire intergenerational professionals. Beyond focusing on the set of skills and knowledge that practitioners need to function effectively, we argue that there are certain personal dispositions that are integral to leadership in this field. To illustrate how passion, what the authors call the p-factor, contributes to exemplary intergenerational practice, several examples are provided of intergenerational professionals who emanate this quality. Implications for preparing future intergenerational leaders are considered.