Relationship between Job Satisfaction of County Extension Staff and the Level of Emotional Intelligence of County Extension Directors

This descriptive-correlational study used a census of Ohio State University Extension county directors and a random sample of county staff throughout the State of Ohio. Data were collected utilizing Bar-On’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient instrument (county directors) and Warner’s job satisfaction instrument (county staff). The study examined the relationships between emotional intelligence of county directors, job satisfaction of county staff and several demographic characteristics. Stepwise linear regression analysis was used to measure the proportion of variance in county staff’s job satisfaction that could be explained by county directors’ emotional intelligence and demographic characteristics. The findings suggested there is not a significant relationship between emotional intelligence of unit directors and job satisfaction of staff. The researchers concluded the level of job satisfaction of staff was not influenced by the level of emotional intelligence of unit directors. Some correlations existed between job satisfaction and selected demographic characteristics. These findings may be of interest to individuals who serve in a variety of leadership roles within organizations.