We begin this special issue focusing on the theoretical framework issues in leadership education. As always, Barry Posner has us thinking about the broader context of leadership education, namely what matters most in individual leadership development. In his article, “From Inside Out: Beyond Teaching About Leadership,” what matters most to Posner is that individual leaders “find their voice”, their core self. Complementing Popa’s paper explaining backward design, Posner asserts that leadership education must begin with facilitating the inner journey, motivating students to “explore their inner territory” through reflective practice. Educators should pose critical personal questions such as: “What do you stand for? What do you believe in? What are you discontentabout? What makes you jump for joy? What keeps you awake at night?” From this self-awareness, he argues, rises the capability to live life with intention, forward-moving, as if carefully and mindfully crafting a legacy.

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