The sole research feature of this special issue focuses on student perceptions of working as a group or team. In their article, “Case Study: Student Perceptions of Groups & Teams in Leadership Education,” Coers and Lorensen report interview data from students engaged in group activities. This contribution highlights two very salient issues. The first issue consists of the assumption that pedagogy is perceived as curriculum. In other words, if we ask students to work as a team on a project, the activity of working as a group results in learninghow to work in a group. Coers and Lorensen did indeed find this to be the case in their course. The second issue this paper illustrates is the need for much more individual, in-depth, micro-genetic research methods in the field of leadership education. If we are to advance the field, this very detailed qualititative work can provide the foundations for theories that can then be quantitatively tested and refined.

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