Just as Scroggs, Sattler, and McMillan start this issue highlighting the importance of looking at leadership education from the “forest” view, across an organization (in their case a university) as a mosaic, Fincher and Shalka imply that so too must leadership educators take the “trees” view, particularly from perspectives and disciplines different from their own. In the article, “Co-curricular Leadership Education: Considering Critical Questions,” Fincher and Shalka pose a number of critical questions from their perspective as co-curricular directors. Balancing multilevel needs, clarifying a shared definition of leadership, preparing students to succeed in other contexts, and expanding our own lens of values and beliefs about leadership represent some of the important questions they raise. What they do not ask, but perhaps should, is the extent to which co-curricular leadership programs consult with, collaborate with, and/or complement curricular, community, and field of practice leadership education efforts.

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