The Journal of Leadership Educators (JOLE) serves as a forum to share teaching and learning advancements, innovative research, and applications. JOLE is now accepting manuscripts including research and theory features, idea briefs, and application briefs for a 2017 special topic issue entitled, Leadership Education Amid Conflicting Ideologies – Turning BIG!,(Bad?) Ideas Into Creative and Innovative Solutions. 

The clashing ideologies and problems of the twenty first century require unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation to solve given the complexities of contemporary societies. Innovation, “the capacity to generate ideas…that are novel and useful” (Chan, Fu, Schumm, Cagan, Wood, Kotovsky, 2011, p.1) is the basis for this special issue. The hope is that by challenging some of the previously held assumptions, leadership as a discipline and leadership education will be advanced.

Manuscripts are being sought that will address issues of interest and relevance to the journal’s readership of leadership practitioners, professionals, and scholars. We are particularly interested in works that will:

  • ·         spur dialogs
  • ·         highlight underrepresented contexts
  • ·         present provocative material
  • ·         entertain discussions around “new” best practices and problem-solving
  • ·         showcase the successful integration of creativity into decision-making processes
  • ·         examine experiential learning
  • ·         discuss social (in)justice, racism, discrimination, prejudice, stigma, inequality, risk-taking, or vulnerability
  • ·         address areas of inquiry that challenge the status quo
  • ·         tackle content that pushes against convention

Johansson (2004) contends that we can learn from one another by effectively breaking down barriers and through what may very well be discomforting ideas, begin looking at the world through different prisms. It is imperative that leadership educators work collaboratively and creatively to strategize and foster new ideas to support creative and innovative solutions to problems.


EXTENDED May 13, 2017: Manuscripts are due. It is imperative that authors make a note in the comment section of FastTrack that their submission is for the special issue!

July 16, 2017: Author notification.

October 1, 2017: Publication.

Additional information for authors about formatting and submission requirements are available on the JOLE website.

For additional information, please contact the guest editor for the special issue:

           Donnette Noble, Ph.D.

            Associate Professor and Chair – Organizational Leadership

            Roosevelt University – College of Professional Studies

            18 South Michigan Avenue, Gage Building # 200-B

            Chicago, IL 60603

            Phone: (312) 281-3255

            Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chan, J., Fu, K., Schunn, C., Cagan, J., Wood, K., Kotovsky, K. (2011). On the benefits and pitfalls of analogies for innovative design: Ideation performance based on analogical distance, commonness, and modality. Journal of Mechanical Design. DOI: 10.1115/1.4004396

Johansson, F. (2004). The Medici effect: Breakthrough insights at the intersection of ideas, concepts, and cultures. Harvard Business Publishing: Brighton, MA.

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