Welcome Summer!

It feels like only yesterday when we were posting the first regular issue of 2015, and now here we have arrived at our last. Time seems to move more quickly as the months fly by. What does that mean for leadership and leadership education. 24 hour news cycles, 500 cable channels, information overload, and technology are all changing the landscapes in which we work. How do you find time to "fit it all in"? How do you help your students or clientele navigate in this fast paced world? How does our pace change the way we see leaders and leadership? 

We hope that as you move from summer into fall, you will take the time for some rest and relaxation, and also to think about submitting some of your work to the 2016 issues of JOLE. We know that you are doing amazing things in your classrooms, boardrooms, and in the field, and we'd love to help you share that with our leadership colleagues.  

© 2015 Association of Leadership Educators

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