Summer Is Here!

Boy is it ever! I remember sitting here just a few short months ago, in the throes of winter, talking with colleagues and friends about how badly we wished summer would get here because we all had a bad case of the winter doldrums. How time does indeed fly!

For me, summer is all about watching baseball, grilling out, and most importantly, time with friends and family in the sunshine doing some of the things we love to do like gardening. I think of each of those as integral parts of what makes up my summertime. Without one of those, I’d feel like my summer was missing something.  I feel the same way about our community of leadership educators…we have teachers both formal and non-formal, practitioners at all levels, consultants, and members of industry. Without even one of those, we would be missing something here. Each of those parts serves to strengthen and build our community. We’re all better because of the others.

When it comes to JOLE, the same is true. Each piece of the puzzle; research, theory, application and idea serves to build and shape our community. Each brings something unique and essential to our collective knowledge. Together they form an important tapestry that without one, the others would not be as beautiful or as vibrant.

I hope that as you are enjoying your summer, you will think about contributing to our community of leadership education. Whether that means joining or renewing your membership in the Association of Leadership Educators, or sending in a unique teaching idea or application to JOLE, or starting a conversation about a new idea or program with a colleague that will enhance your own practice, I hope you know how important YOU are to our leadership education community. Without you, our tapestry would also not be as beautiful or as vibrant. 

© 2015 Association of Leadership Educators

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