Spring has Sprung!

Spring is easily my favorite time of year. There is almost an audible sign as the Earth stretches awake from its winter slumber. The colors and smells of the flowers and trees blooming are reminders to us all to wake up, shake off the winter, and enjoy some sunshine! There is nothing I like better than to enjoy a lunch and a good book out on our lawn here at NC State in the springtime sun. The energy during this time is just so invigorating!

This season also brings with it the dreaded spring cleaning! When I was a kid, spring cleaning meant some quality time with buckets and rags washing windows, floors and baseboards with my mom and grandma. And even though I still don’t necessarily like the chores, I try to find the beauty in readying our home for the busy months of spring and summer when instead of being inside cleaning we’d rather be out enjoying the company of family and friends.

Here at JOLE we’re also taking some time this spring for some stretching and renewing. If you serve as a reviewer for the journal you should have received an email asking you to renew your reviewer position for another year. This is a yearly exercise that we use to make sure everyone who would like to continue reviewing can do so, and those that need some time off, can take that time! Your Editing Managing Board also meets in the spring to tackle the issues on the journal’s docket like our financial outlook, contractual agreements, and vision for the future. This spring they are also putting the final touches on a journal survey where we’re asking about your thoughts on some items coming up for JOLE. As always, it’s busy but exciting.

This spring I wish for you time to stretch, to renew yourself, and to enjoy some sunshine! Here’s to an amazing Spring! 

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