New Year…New You?

If you’re like me, at this time of year, you indulge in reading all of the year end lists, and then the resolution lists. It seems like you can’t go more than a few steps (or Internet clicks) without seeing something about foods to eat (or avoid), new exercises to try (or stop), places to visit, and tips to organize or de-stress your life. There are lists of resolutions to have, to skip, and how best to achieve them and a myriad of suggestions for how to be better version of you as you step into 2014. 

I’ll admit it, I love those lists. I find them a fascinating look into the human psycheundefinedwhat are we worried about? What are we focusing on? What motivates us? How are we seizing the day? And at this time of year, particularly, what are we doing to make us the best “us” we can be moving forward? As a wife, mom, editor, and teacher, I find myself asking all of those questions as well! After all, there’s no time like the present to look ahead and work on being a greater, better version of ourselves!

JOLE is no different. As we move firmly into 2014 and our second decade, the Editing Managing Board, the Editorial Review Board, our fantastic JOLE staff volunteers, and I are always looking at ways to move the journal forward. We will broaden our audience, expand our reach and our knowledge base, and have the work of our authors recognized by people outside of our traditional circles. As we do that we recognize that, sometimes, these steps won’t come without a priceundefineda growing pain or two. But isn’t that the beauty, the very essence of improvement? The realization that the small pains bring the gains?

I’m excited about what’s on the horizon for JOLE and our authors! JOLE is full of potential and I am committed to continuing the momentum we’ve built over the last year. Let’s make 2014 OUR time. Join us! Share JOLE with your friends and colleagues. Tell a fellow faculty member about us! Send in an article (or two). And together let’s seize the day!

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