This article begins with a review of the current higher education landscape, focusing particularly on a number of leadership challenges that are most germane to colleges and universities across the globe. The article continues with a review of the existing literature on higher education leadership needs and competencies, and current approaches to providing leadership education. Authors then present a case study of a leadership development framework and a portfolio of programs designed to address knowledge- and skill-development needs within higher education that has been developed by the Center for Organizational Development and Leadership at Rutgers University. The framework has led to the creation of a portfolio of programs for academic and administrative leaders in varying stages of development that will be described in the article. The key concepts raised in this article may prove useful for those involved in the design and delivery of leadership education programs for higher education, healthcare, and other large institutions with multiple audiences, needs, and goals. Furthermore, the differentiation of the conceptual, strategic, and operational dimensions may be a useful framework for those interested in the study and practice of leadership education.

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