To provide an evidence-based environment for discussion and promotion of new and best practices, all JOLE manuscripts are grounded in Leadership Theory. The journal serves as a forum to share Leadership Education teaching and learning advancements, research innovations, and applications.

Authors may submit manuscripts to the Journal in any of these categories:

  1. Research Manuscripts: Leadership Education research submissions will include a clear statement of research purpose, review and synthesis of related literature, clear explanation of methodology, discussion of findings and conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.
  2. Theory Manuscripts: Leadership Education theory submissions are constructed in one of two ways:
                   Proposing a new theory to address a gap in Leadership Education scholarship.

                   Discussing a current theory and its ties to Leadership Education.
    All theory submissions will include substantive review and synthesis of related literature including supporting theories, comprehensive discussion, and implications to the field of Leadership Education and practice.
  3. Application Manuscripts: Leadership Education application submissions will discuss a project, program, practice or tool that has been implemented. Application manuscripts will include a clear issue statement, review of related literature, description of the application, discussion of outcomes and implications, and recommendations.
  4. Popular Media Manuscripts: Leadership Education popular media submissions will discuss how to use aspects of popular culture to teach about leadership. Popular media manuscripts will be topical (i.e., focused on context) and expand all the ways that individuals can implicitly or explicitly learn about leadership from the world that surrounds them.

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