The editor will return manuscripts for issues of formatting before terminally rejecting an article. Some specific formatting of which all authors should be aware:

  1. Feature pieces should be no more than 7500 words. Brief pieces should be no more than 4500 words. Both of these limits EXCLUDES works cited lists, but INCLUDES tables, figures
  2. Abstracts should be no more than 125 words and come directly after the title of the article.  
  3. Sanitize all manuscripts be removing identifying verbiage BEFORE submission, this includes all author or institutional information before and within the text. 
  4. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font throughout manuscript including all text, tables, figures, references. 
  5. DO NOT include a title page.
  6. Double space all text. 
  7. Single space all tables and place WITHIN the manuscript. 
  8. Do NOT use a running head. 
  9. Leave pages unnumbered. 
  10. DO indent the first words of paragraphs. 
  11. List references alphabetically, flush left, single spaced, with a hard returen between each reference. 
  12. No photos or appendices will be accepted and will be deleted from manuscripts prior to review. 
  13. We encourage the use of first person pronouns ("I" and "We"). 
  14. For items not covered above, adhere to guidelines of most recent APA manual. 

Submitting a Manuscript 

Authors should follow these rules as they submit a manuscript. 

  1. Submissions are ONLY received via the JOLE FastTrack site at
  2. ALL submissions must be uploaded as Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) files.
  3. Do not use special characters in the name of your document (this includes but is not limited to NO commas, periods, underscores, exclamationmarks, etc). Alphanumeric (letters and numbers) characters ONLY. 
  4. Authors may submit a manuscript for consideration at any time.

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